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Amerec Steamers

Imagine being able to shut the door on the world for a few minutes every day. Billows of warm, gentle steam wash over you, relaxing muscles, opening pores, inducing a skin-healthy perspiration. This is your moment – to follow a thought aimlessly, listen to the rise and fall of your own breathing, forget what comes next.

Amerec, the experts at helping you make a personal timeout easy to prioritize. Within the sanctuary walls we help you create soft clouds of stress-melting steam cleanse body and soul and renew the spirit – and help you capture your moment every single day.


It is the catch-22 of modern living: to be able to do it all, you need to find the time to pamper yourself with the luxury of doing nothing at all. Time is the measure of our lives. We all need to feel, even if only briefly during the day, that its power holds no sway.

A luxurious bath of Amerec steam every day offers just that. Lost in its clouds, you are free to follow an aimless thought. Re-attune yourself to the rhythms of your own body. Put the past day’s events into perspective or charge up for what the coming day will bring. Time has no power here.


For many, the days of hard physical labor may be past. But the stresses of modern life and work more than make up for it. Steam bathing may have originated in Roman times, but its benefits have never been more relevant.

A daily steam bath is a remarkable way to indulge yourself. It causes the perspiration that is the single healthiest thing you can do for your skin. Stress and negativity quickly dissipate in the soft clouds of intense yet comforting heat. Within minutes, you are yourself again, cleaner, vibrant and more whole.