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Proline Spa Covers

For over thirty years, the industry professionals at Proline Spa Covers have been marketing the widest selection and best value of quality spa covers.

  1. High Quality Marine Grade Vinyl - With a weight of 30 oz. (per linear yard), the vinyl is the heaviest available. It also exceeds the specifications of “Marine Grade Vinyl”, and “Premium Grade Vinyl”. The vinyl in these covers, besides being the thickest in the industry, also has mildew inhibitors, UV stabilized coloring to prevent fading, increased resistance to chlorine and bromine and is available in 10 colors.
  2. Gussetted Double Stitched Skirt - The skirt of a cover is another of the many important parts. It needs to properly protect the lip of your spa from the damaging rays of the sun, and be strong enough to use for lifting your cover. These cover’s skirts are double stitched into the cover for strength, and gusseted to provide the best protection! One piece continuous skirts, which are easier to manufacture, have many inherent problems as compared to skirts that are gusseted (also called “slited”). Gusseted skirts will hang much straighter and have less tendency to bunch-up under the cover, preventing a proper seal between the cover and the spa.
  3. High-Quality Zippers and strong Polyester Thread - The zippers are one of the lesser important parts of a cover. However if anyone ever steps on your cover causing the foam to bow you’ll want to remove and turn over the inner foam core. For this reason we only use zippers designed to maintain their “zipping” ability for years.. Besides having the largest teeth available (6mm), they’re rust and chemical corrosion proof. And of coarse they’re quadruple stitched for added strength. 
    With the entire cover being double stitched together, the thread is also an important aspect to consider. The thread used in our covers is a 93#, UV resistant, bonded, Dacron Polyester thread. The polyester part is what’s important, unlike cotton thread (or cotton wound polyester) it won’t rot out in a short period of time, and the UV resistance prevents any degradation from the sun. “Bonded” means that it’s actually water tight and can’t absorb mildew causing moisture.
  4. Continuous Hinge Seal Gasket - Extends the full length of the hinge to further prevent heat loss.
  5. Metal C-Channel - Running the entire length of each piece of foam, along the hinge is a 2” wide, 20 gauge galvanized steel C-channel support beam. This is the heaviest gauge (thickest) reinforcement beam used in the industry, others tend to be 22 to 26 gauge. Galvanized steel is used for it’s increases strength over aluminum, and also because of it’s greater resistance to chemicals (chlorine and bromine). C-channel is much stronger than lesser expensive T-bar others may use.
  6. Tapered Foam - Proline Spa Covers are some of the thickest, most insulating spa covers made. The covers foam core is the “back bone” of every spa cover. Not only is it the main insulating factor, it also provides the strength needed for years of use. One of the important features of our foam is that it’s a virgin foam, rather than recycled. While both may have the same insulating value, recycled foam doesn’t have nearly the strength as the virgin foam we use.
  7. Heavy Duty Handles - Made of 1-1/2” wide vinyl with nylon webbing reinforcement. Unlike the handles on many covers which tend to be a great weak point, these spa cover handles have been designed and engineered to be one of the strongest! Handles are great when the cover is new, but over a long period of time most covers eventually get a bit heavier. Cover handles, having such a small attachment area can be easily torn off, sometimes tearing the cover. Our cover’s handles are made of extremely strong, 1-1/2” wide nylon webbing. Additional stitching, and internal reinforcing make them some of the strongest available.
  8. Hinge - The hinge is one of the most worked parts of a cover, and on cheap covers one of the first things to deteriorate thereby letting steam and heat escape. First of all, our covers do have a hinge (they’re not simply two half covers sewn together), the hinge is constructed of the same high quality vinyl as the rest of the covers covering. Our hinge is also four layers thick and is quadruple stitched for the longest life available.
  9. Super Strong Tie Down Straps - Each cover comes standard with four tie-downs equipped with locking child resistant safety latches. To assure the integrity and prevent the straps from ripping out (perhaps from high winds), the straps are sewn into the cover in four places, including the skirt. This makes them virtually tear-proof. The “locking latches” are molded after the quick release buckles found on sports equipment and have been specifically designed for spas! Each NMF Fastener may be locked down individually. They are quickly installed with three stainless steel screws (provided). Besides aiding in keeping out unwanted visitors, the tie-downs, when properly used help to prevent strong winds from blowing off the cover. 
    NOTE:If ordering a cover WITHOUT tie down straps, the ASTM Standards will be voided and thus the cover is not sold as a “Safety Cover”.
  10. Double Laminated Polyester Scrim with Grommet Reinforced Moisture Drains The underside material of the cover that faces the spa’s water takes the most abuse. It’s also the first line of defense in preventing chemical damage and moisture infiltration, and must be durable enough to withstand the constant dragging from removing the cover from the spa. Our covers use a 12oz double laminated, tight mesh reinforced, chemical and ozone resistant scrim. This material is so strong (it’s constructed similarly to rip-stop- nylon) that it’s used internally throughout the cover to reinforce the double stitching..
  11. Two Layer Vapor Barrier - The heat sealed vapor barrier (6 mil) of Proline Spa Covers is the thickest in the industry. The covers foam core is the “back bone” of every spa cover. Not only is it the main insulating factor, it also provides the strength needed for years of use. One of the important features of our foam is that it’s a virgin foam, rather than recycled. While both may have the same insulating value, recycled foam doesn’t have nearly the strength as the virgin foam we use.

Proline Spa Covers offer 3 different series of covers. Value, Premium & Elite.

Proline Spa Cover Limited Warranty, Online Order Form, Order Form (PDF)

Value Spa Cover

  • 4" to 2" Taper
  • 1# Foam - R-12
  • 1.5# Foam - R-13
  • 2# Foam - R-14.5

    Premium Spa Covers

  • 5" to 3" Taper
  • 1# Foam - R-15.5
  • 1.5# Foam - R-16.5
  • 2# Foam - R-17.5
  • 4 Tie Downs
  • 4" Skirt

    Premium Covers Upgrade Options:

    • Continous Center Seal
    • Reinforced Hinge
    • Double Wrapped Foam Core
    • Gazebo Handles
    • Extra Side Handles

  • y

Elite Spa Cover

  • 6" to 4" Taper
  • 1# Foam - R-20
  • 1.5# Foam - R-22
  • 2# Foam - R-25
  • 4 Tie Downs

Elite Covers Upgrade Options:

  • Reinforced Full Length Hinge
  • Double wrapped foam cores
  • Gazebo Handles
  • Continous Center Seal
  • Extra Side Handles

Proline offers 12 colors to choose from.

Black Brown Light Gray Dark Blue
Bourbon (Wildwood)
Coastal Gray
Dark Blue
Dark Gray
Dark Gray
Dark Green
Light Blue
Sky Blue
Mayan Brown