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Proline Spa Covers Warranty

We warrant our covers to the original purchaser, to be free from defects in material and workmanship,
under normal usage from the date of delivery to the original consumer:

  • Proline Value Cover - 2 years (24 months)
  • Proline Premium Cover - 3 years (36 months) including purchased upgrades
  • Proline Elite Cover - 5 years (60 months)

Such limited warranty does not cover damages caused by animals, fi re, vandalism, excessive chemicals,
improper installation and strain, abuse or abrasion, acts of God or use for purposes other than that for
which the cover was designed. Ordinary wear and tear, delamination and seam splitting due to improper
handling are not considered to be a defect in workmanship or material. Seller shall not be liable for any
incidental or consequential damages. Any insulating cover deemed by us to have failed due to defects in
materials or workmanship within the covered warranty time period from the date of purchase will be
repaired or replaced, at our discretion, without charge for materials or labor (excludes cost of freight to
and from the manufacturer).


Warranty does NOT cover improper use or any of the following:

  • Cover has been subjected to alteration, misuse, abuse, or if any repairs on the cover is attempted by
    anyone other than our authorized representatives, unless express written approval is given.
  • Foam breakage or tearing of vinyl (this cover is not intended to be walked, stood, or sat upon, or any
    excessive weight caused by rain, water, snow, animals, or any other acts of God.
  • Damage due to excessive chemicalization of water or contact with other chemicals on the cover material (this includes the use of Armor All).
  • Fading of vinyl and thread is not considered a defect and will naturally occur due to normal chemical
    maintenance, exposure to the elements and aging.
  • Torn handles (handles are for the sole purpose of opening and closing covers only, and NOT intended to be used to carry or remove cover from the spa/hot tub.
  • Scuffing & Chafi ng or wearing holes in cover by dragging or storing/leaning against sharp objects.
  • Damage caused by improper installation and/or during transportation from the dealer to purchaser.
  • Any damage resulting from any misuse, abuse, negligence, acts of God, accident or alteration, (i.e. cover lifters, animals and excessive weight or wind).


Meets ASTM Standards for a Safety Spa Cover

ASTM (American Society of Testing: and Materials) has developed a standard for both swimming pool and Spa Covers. This Standard, ASTM F 1346-91.

In order for a spa cover to meet the requirements for a "Manual Safety Spa Cover" it must meet certain requirements which include performance tests and labeling requirements. Covers must be able to pass tests such as Static Load Tests for weight support, Perimeter Defl ection Tests for entry or entrapment between the cover and the side of the spa and Surface Drainage Tests to see if a dangerous amount of rain could collect on the covers surface.