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Fiber Clear DE Alternative 7lb Bag

Part Number: FCC007
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Fiber Clear Pure Cellulose Filtration Media DE Alternative 7 Lb-Replaces Diatomaceous Earth in your DE Filter.-Provides superior water clarity.-Filters particles down to 2 microns (DE filters down to 4 microns).-Environmentally safe and non-toxic.-Keeps your pool sparkling clear-giving the water "polished" look.-Back-washes easier and quicker than DE.-Saves water and chemicals.-Natural, organic hardwood based material that is extremely fine and made to filter pool water to incredible levels of clarity.-Covers grids more efficiently then DE.-Works w/vacuum & pressure filters designed for DE.-Excellent top coat for sand filters.-Effective pre-coat for cartridges.-Reduces algae by filtering 4 micron algae spores.-Removes "floaters" and suspended particles that pass through sand filters (typically 40 microns).-Clarifiers are not required or recommended.-For Directions on switching to Fiber Clear from DE & dosage information please see the following: http://www.fiberclearpoolandspafiltration.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/FIBER-CLEAR_instructions.pdf